Philosophy & Method


Personal Mentorship & Right Thinking

Every decision start with our thoughts. 

Our thought patterns greatly impact our perception of reality and therefore ability to take action. It is our responsibility to impact them.

By increasing your awareness of your thoughts and destorted beliefs, you greatly increase self-leadership skills.

SCC: Support, Challenge, Choice

I will support you - and challenge you. Not only to help you reach clarity, but also to increase your capacity to:

1) Make the right decisions on your own 

2) Be one with these decisions and

3) Evalutate, update and change them if needed

4) Finally, take consistant action.


"You are not responsible for all of your experiances in life.

But you are responsible for all of your experiance of life."

- Susan Jeffers 

Interaction creates action

It´s true. 

Interaction with a coach is an excellent and powerful way to break overwhelm and procrastination.

Step 1:

Claifying needs -> focus areas 

Clarity is always step one. What´s the point in climbing a latter if you don´t really know where it´s heading? 

Step 2:

Tangible Goals -> Taking action -> Responsibility

Reaching Goals depends on a set of clear micro, tangible goals.

Each of these microgoals depend on our actions.

Each action depends on our responsibility.

During our coaching you will develop your response-ability: your ability to respond constructively to any given event, whatever comes your way.

Step 3:

Discipline -> Evaluation -> Growth


The best way to reach your goals is developing your capacity to handle obsticles and dissapointments.

Because here´s the thing. If setbacks can´t stop you - nothing can.

However, this is a skill. And the best way to maintain it, is discipline. 

So, dare to make misstakes.

Dare to get dissapointed.

Discipline yourself to Failing Forward.